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48 hours in Paparoa!

Just an hour and a half from the end of the motorway on State Highway 1 lies a paradise you never knew about….

Written by Tony Bozzard, writer and Lodge Keeper 1st February 2024.

The village of Paparoa lies nestled in a valley mid way between the East and West Coasts, at the start of the 800 km Twin Coast discovery route.

With so much to do in and around Paparoa, this is the perfect  place to base yourself for 2 nights and just relax in the countryside and or explore the area. Arrive Friday night and check into one of the many Air bnb’s, guest houses and Lodges that support the village.

Get there before 7 pm and treat yourself to the best fish and chips you will ever have, Snapper to die for at the ladies Mile (Country people eat early and go to bed by 9.00 ((mostly)) as they cant wait to get up again and breath the air!).

After a hearty breakfast, check out the Paparoa Saturday Farmers market, a quaint collection of stalls selling plants, trees, veggies, eggs,  while listening to the weeks guest musician.

Stroll over the road to “flossies” for another coffee and a treat and watch the locals as they sprawl across the sidewalk discussing the price of milk solids and tonights “pot luck” dinner.

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Then stroll though the town visiting the various art galleries and antique shops that have sprung up. As you pass the old Heritage 1 listed National Bank of New Zealand, you will enter the Franklin Road quarter, home of old Kauri mills, Banks, trading posts, lodges and an Antique shop.

Quince Cottage Collectables boasts Kaipara’s only natural perfumery, up-cycled clothing shop, and 3 rooms of Antiques set in an 1910 relocated villa, which you would swear has been there for ever. Loose yourself as you try on amazingly priced recycled clothing, and dab on perfumes, and haggle over the price of a set of “Water Buffalo” horns that will be perfect at home or the bach or a piece of Crown Lynn. Then pop next door for an ice cream or cold drink before heading off to the Beach, or to the world famous Kauri museum.

Antiques and aromas unite — Junction Magazine

Then  Kauri Museum is only 5 minutes away in the historic settlement of Matakohe.  Having just had a $3million upgrade to the entrance, you could get lost there until closing time.  Make sure you eat lunch first on the deck at the gum-diggers cafe over the road, newly refubished last year, before you enter a world of lost and forgotten forests, stories of brave men and women that pioneered an industry reaching globally. Seriously marvel at chainsaws taller than most people are, and cutting saws of terrifying proportions.

Kauri Museum Forest Walkway banner.jpg

Then return to your accomodation for the night, and enjoy a relaxing drink and a home cooked meal.  Pheasant Lodge is the newest of the places to stay in the area and has recently been awarded a “” travellers award,  of 9.7 out of 10 for service.  Their byline is feel special, and you will! From complimentary hearty cooked gourmet breakfasts free port, and dinners by the fire, or under the grape arbour in summer, its a magical place. Stuffed with antiques and stories, but with modern bathrooms and facilities,its an enigma in this day and age.

Cricket pitch long hall!

Next day, return to the museum, or head down to Pahi, and see the new pier, and the famous Moreton Bay Fig tree, the largest in the Southern hemisphere. Meander along the shoreline which sits at the edge of one of the worlds largest harbours. The Kaipara Harbour is one of the largest harbours in the world. It covers 947 square kilometres (366 sq mi) at high tide, with 409 square kilometres (158 sq mi) exposed as mudflats and sandflats at low tide. Its a breeding ground for Snapper, oysters, flounder, hammerhead sharks and stingrays!

Or head further up the coast to one of the Wild west coast beaches at Glinks gulley or Bayleys, or the Kai Iwi lakes.. either way, you will need another 48 hours for sure..

Disclosure: The writer owns Quince Cottage Collectable and Pheasant Lodge, he is more passionate than biased!

Contact and Facebook Pheasant Lodge and Quince Cottage Collectables. 021 67 12 11 [email protected]

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